Kateri was a super-cute birthday girl for her photoshoot!





Congratulations to the awesome couple!  This photoshoot for Sabrina & Ahmad’s engagement was unique, as we captured different photo stories. The most exciting part was doing photos on the railway tracks at the bridge!  It was worth it for the creative photos at that daring location.  This amazing couple is getting married in soon, look for their wedding photos later!





Best. Photo. Ever!




This is the exciting part!  We did a set of photos on a railway bridge, which was an awesome location for some great shots.  We had to keep a lookout for trains!





Love this!


Sabrina & Ahmad are such a great couple, wish you all the best!

This engagment photoshoot session was a lot of fun.  Rosie & Justin are a fun, outdoor-loving couple and their photos were beautiful!  It was a perfect summer day at a park.  We finished just in time because a thunderstorm started to rain down right at the end!  They’re getting married in August, so be sure to look for their stunning wedding photos later!





This wooden fence was a great find – we had some fun with poses, especially this one where the fence framed the scene. But this was on a bike path, so we had to watch for passing cyclists zooming by!


Rosie & Justin are perfect for each other.

Congrats Rosie & Justin, looking forward to your Wedding!



A 1st Communion event is always a fun and exciting! The three friends celebrated together and had a wonderful day.  Congrats!

The little girls are absolutely beautiful with their 1st communion white dresses!

It was a beautiful day, with springtime magnolia flowers budding. It made for a perfect spring photo!


They received a wonderful gift each: a cross necklace to treasure.  They were so proud of them!



Lot of smiles!

The three 1st Communion friends

Sharing the day with Mom

A beautiful moment!



Had a wonderful opportunity to photograph a very new little baby, only a few weeks old.  Kateri is so precious!

We had some wonderful moments!



Putting baby Kateri in a basket was an awesome idea!  She won’t fit in there for long, I’m sure.




The black & white show such a wonderful depth with little features and baby cuteness!

The addition of a little flower headband was priceless!




Thanks, baby Kateri! You were wonderful!