Congratulations, Suzie and Rupert!

This was a winter wonderland wedding.  The best photos we captured had snow around us!  (and yes, it was cold!)

These two are an amazing couple. I really had a great time photographing their wedding.

Absolutely Stunning!

Getting Ready!




We went to a friend’s restaurant and took some great photos.




Our Winter wonderland photos at the beautiful stone gates of Marylake

Birrrr, it was cold!

A most incredible wedding cake!









They are such a perfect couple!

Congratulations again, Rupert & Suzie!




The Thanksgiving weekend was a great opportunity for family fall photos.  The weather was great and the trees were colourful.  We went out to Fanshawe park and captured some beautiful photos.

1-2-3 Jump!

The shoreline of the lake is lined with trees that have many colours of autumn and create a beautiful backdrop.

And we were also able to get a family photo as well!  This was an awesome day at Fanshawe lake.


This was an opportunity to be out on location at an abandoned farmhouse.  The barns and sheds were in disrepair.. not great for the owner of the property, but great for our photos!  We were there to do a photoshoot with Kathy Stevers (a great photographer) and were able to capture some great expressions.

This is one of my favorite candid portraits. You just never know what great moment can be captured!


Below is what happens when you put nitrogen and glycerin together.  (That’s the ingredients for Nitro fuel of course)  These two guys can be best friends or best collaborators for trouble.  Boys will have fun!

I was really excited about taking photos for Hannah, not just because she’s my very new niece but she is a very wonderful, thoughtful and beautiful baby girl!


In a picnic basket


Then we put wings on her, instant angel or butterfly!


Butterfly. Definitely butterfly!  (Well, she’s flying…)

In all, it was a wonderful photo shoot and her and her mom (my sister!) had  a great time and we ended up with some really precious photos.

Can’t wait to do a follow-up session in a few weeks.


A wedding in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in BC. That is a dream destination wedding and exactly what it was like to be at Christine and Paul’s wedding. We were surrounded by mountains in a little town that was fresh with cool air and beautiful scenery. Having the majestic mountains in the background was key to capturing the beautiful location, but sometimes you just need a close up, just so you can see what an absolutely awesome couple they are.





There were some great moments when they’re getting ready, some great laughs and just enjoying the friendship.


After the ceremony, the wedding party headed to the ski lift!  It is still in operation because downhill biking had become such a popular sport.  We headed up the lift and enjoyed a spectacular view of the Fernie mountains.



At the top of the mountain, the view was breathtaking.



The landscape from the top showed a beautiful and vast country.  What a perfect backdrop for a perfect couple!






This was a wedding I loved and will never forget!  Congratulations Christine and Paul!